COVID-19 PPE and COVID -19 Vaccinations at Absolute Leisure Cottages

The use of Personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory at our premises. This may include the use of face masks, face shields and gloves.

Absolute Leisure Cottages staff are all lining up to get our Covid vaccinations! We all know people who have passed on or have had their health seriously compromised as a result of Covid infections. We are glad to say that through our thorough staff training on Covid, and our protocols, to date none of our staff have caught Covid. This, having had two known Covid infected guests stay with us since the pandemic started. We moved staff with comorbidities away from potentially risky work, to keep them safe so they will be there for their children. Once we are all vaccinated we will of course continue to work safely for our guests, but as a business we will feel confident that our staff and guests are better protected.

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