• Machado House

About Us

Machado House is a grand Victorian home which has been divided into three separate self contained units sleeping up to ten people. Units take their names from the history of Machadodorp: BaKoni is named after the people who first inhabited the region, Geluk is the name of the farm on which Machadodorp was developed, and EnTokozweni, meaning “the happy place,” and is the newly adopted name for Machadodorp. Machado House is elegantly furnished in the old Victorian style of the late 1800s.

Just One More Cast Cottages is a complex of four cottages accommodating up to 14 people. Interiors are country style and each cottage is derived from a local fishing fly: Duckworths Dargle Delight, Wickhams Fancy, Blue Dunn and Cats Whisker.

Absolute Leisure Cottages takes pride in being a New South African business model. Our profits are shared with our employees, who see to the servicing of the units, the welcoming of guests, manicuring of the gardens and growing of organic vegetables and herbs. Staff receive on-the-job language skills, tourism skills and organic vegetable growing training. Our vegetable and herb gardens supply food for staff families as well as being sold for further income and supplied to guests. Our friendly staff look forward to welcoming you to Absolute Leisure Cottages.